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Olifants River Status Monitoring :

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Learner Material:
Institutional: KM-02-KT02 & KM-02-KT03

Example map:
Integrated Vaal River System

Recent paper:
Lessons learned from three decades of water resource planning of the Integrated Vaal River System

Water Resource System Network:
Olifants River System

Water Resource Model Schematic Networks:
Molopo River System


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Water Resource Model References:

  1. General brochure: Integrated Water Resource System Model.
  2. Document and slides describing the suit of models and related software. See below extracted schematic of the suit of models.
  3. Model uses and verification document.
  4. Slides on model selection for Save river (Zimbabwe & Mozambique).
  5. Integrated Procedures Manual.
  6. Paper showing the application of the models in the Vaal River System (contains other links to related information).
  7. Application of models for operations planning Scenario analysis and Monitoring.
  8. Strengths and Weaknesses of Existing Models (ORASECOM).
  9. Integrated Vaal - Orange Model: Water Resources Modelling of the Orange-Senqu Basin (ORASECOM).
  10. Water Avialability Assessment Modeling: Framework report .

Process diagram of suite of models: